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Tips to help new mothers nourish themselves with ease

Baby eating food by Christian Hermann, Unsplash

Heidi Sze is a mother, writer and dietitian, specialising in pre- and postnatal nutrition. She lives in Australia with her husband and two children. On her blog, Apples Under My Bed, Heidi writes about everyday life, reflections on motherhood and the recipes that nourish her family. She's just released her book, Nurturing Your New Life, which is full to the brim of calming approaches to the stresses of new motherhood, as well as healthy recipes to nourish mum and bub. Here, she's sharing some tips for new mothers to make the first few months as healthy and nourishing as they can be. READ MORE

Great Outdoors Reading Guide

We've put together two lists of books to get you outside, moving and seeing things this summer in our Great Outdoors Reading Guide. Have you caught the travel bug? Browse through our list for exotic inspirations to add to your bucket list, inspiring memoirs and even a guide on how to pack more efficiently. Or maybe you're after things to try from the comfort of your backyard? Scroll down to our backyard list to learn how to have a ripper of a BBQ, get a greener garden and a few alternative hobbies that may pique your interest. READ MORE

December New Releases

A book-a-holic's winter dream is to spread out a picnic run under the summer sun with a good read and naturally let that vitamin D soak right up. And December is the prime opportunity to make that dream a reality! We have a wide array of new titles hitting the shelves this month; whether it's Australian literary fiction that speaks to your soul or tantalising, plot twisting crime that gets your heart racing, we have something for everyone.    READ MORE

A Brain For Life: Top 7 foods for fighting Dementia

September is Dementia Awareness month so today's post is an excerpt from A Brain for Life: How to Optimise Your Brain Health by Making Simple Lifestyle Changes Now by Dr. Nicola Gates on foods that can help fight dementia. Like the rest of our body the brain needs energy to function and grow. In fact, for its size the brain has the highest demand for energy of any part of the body at rest. The adult brain consumes almost 25 per cent of the energy the body produces from food. Diet impacts on brain function indirectly via its effect on the body, and directly as the brain consumes a lot of energy. Thankfully, our brain is the boss and if starved of nutrients it will sacrifice the body to get them – but we could make it easier by just eating the right things in the first place. READ MORE

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