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Kate Leaver: ‘What’s happened since I published a book about friendship?’

Since writing 83,339 words on the subject of friendship, people have started to approach me to talk about their own. I wrote The Friendship Cure - a manifesto on the importance of friendship - because I truly believe we do not value, nurture or talk about it enough. I was validated in that when I spoke to people for the book because so many of my case studies - people who spoke to me generously about their feelings of loneliness, their friendship break-ups and their best friends - had actually never spoken to anyone but me about what friendship meant to them and especially what it felt like when it crumbled or vanished from their lives.  READ MORE

10 things every parent should know…about technology

Children's book and laptop, parenting advice book extract

  Dr Justin Coulson's newest book, 10 Things Every Parent Should Know, was written "for every parent who has wanted to be better". Coulson is a parenting expert  and the author of 21 Days to a Happier Family and 9 Ways to a Resilient Child. 10 Things Every Parent Should Know is the perfect companion to these editions, offering practical advice and valuable strategies to parents in any situation. READ MORE

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