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7 books to read if you’re obsessed with Stranger Things

So you've burned your way through the second season of Stranger Things and need something new and horrifyingly gripping to take your mind off the anticipation of that ending. Or the fact you've got at least another year to wait to experience the Upside Down again. Or maybe you're just a bonafide horror fan that wants to sink your teeth into something that will make you question if you really need to turn the light off tonight? Afterall, what's more terrifying than your imagination? We have 7 terrifying tales to tempt you... READ MORE

December New Releases

A book-a-holic's winter dream is to spread out a picnic run under the summer sun with a good read and naturally let that vitamin D soak right up. And December is the prime opportunity to make that dream a reality! We have a wide array of new titles hitting the shelves this month; whether it's Australian literary fiction that speaks to your soul or tantalising, plot twisting crime that gets your heart racing, we have something for everyone.    READ MORE

Read A New Book Month

What a wonderful way to welcome spring in - September is also known as Read A New Book Month! To celebrate, all you need to do is pick up that book you've been meaning to start and finish it by the end of the month. But for added fun we challenge you to pick up a book outside of your favourite genre. Are you a romance reader? Maybe have a look at our contemporary fiction suggestions. Or maybe biographies are more your cup of tea? Try out a fictional read instead and let your imagination run wild on the adventure. READ MORE

Enjoy the extra-long weekend with this great collection of titles!

Treat yourself to this weekend’s fantastic e-book promotions and catch up on the books you’ve been missing out on. We've carefully selected a range of titles from bestselling authors like Jonas Jonasson, Lars Kepler and Camilla Lackberg, with genres varying from Fantasy & Sci-Fi to Crime & Thriller. All these deals are priced below $5 to help you join in the fun! Another great reason to stay in and curl up for the weekend with a good book.   READ MORE

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