Love in Many Guises

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I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as being about love in many guises, not just of the romantic sort. Perhaps this is something to do with my earliest experiences of the day. My memories are of foil wrapped chocolate hearts placed on the breakfast table by my Mum, and cards written with her other hand, in an attempt to disguise her distinctive, calligraphic style. READ MORE

Sex, Love Lust and Romance

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  Call me a hardcore economist instead of a romantic at heart but celebrating Valentine’s on the 14th February is something I choose to avoid at all ‘costs’. Inflated prizes, tacky gifts, booked out restaurants. Eating chocolates in the shape of love hearts and receiving flowers and presents in commercialised shades of red and pink. READ MORE

Avoiding Valentine’s Day Disasters

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  The thing about days with big expectations is that they can often go belly-up. Like New Year’s Eve. How many times have you been left standing by yourself in a corner when Auld Lang Syne’s playing? Or worse, backed into a corner by a loser looking to get their tongue down your throat? READ MORE

Hilarious Dating Reflections

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Twenty or so years ago, I had the most amazing date. I mean really, really amazing. It was before (though not at all long before) I met my husband, when I was a young solicitor, practising in commercial litigation. I had been briefing a barrister on a case but all of our communication had been via phone and fax. When the matter was scheduled for trial, I arranged to meet the barrister in the foyer of the court building. READ MORE

Sealed with a Kiss – Romance Reads

Sealed With A Kiss
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Valentine's Day is nearly here and we want you to feel the love. All next week we'll be publishing blogs from some of our favourite romance authors, there is a special opportunity for writers, and we have put together a selection of romance books sure to get your heart pumping - all sealed with a kiss of course! READ MORE

Game. Set. Match Pointe.

January 28, 2015 Recommendations 0 Comments

If you’re anything like us and just short of completely obsessed with the coverage of the Australian Open tennis at the moment, or if you have no idea what all the racquet is about, here are a bunch of our favourites to feed your obsession in the moments between matches or to catch you up on what you’ve been missing! READ MORE

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