International Women’s Day – What it Means with Paullina Simons

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My own life is different in kind from my mother’s but not in spirit. In the Soviet Union, women didn’t have the luxury of being afforded special treatment. They had equality they hadn’t bargained on, or for.  So while their men whittled away their best years in the Gulag, as my own father did, the women, such as my mother, were expected to do their own work, plus everything that the men would do if they were available but weren’t. READ MORE

Garden Pests, Diseases and Good Bugs

Garden Pests, Diseases and Good Bugs
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Garden Pests, Diseases and Good Bugs is the ultimate illustrated guide for anyone who wants to encourage a healthy, thriving garden. Packed with more than 750 stunning and detailed photographs, we’ve adapted a few pieces of the easy-to-follow, comprehensive and reliable advice that can help with your gardening. READ MORE

Half the World Extract – Justice

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Thorn sat and stared down at her filthy toes, pale as maggots in the darkness. She had no notion why they took her boots. She was hardly going to run, chained by her left ankle to one damp-oozing wall and her right wrist to the other. She could scarcely reach the gate of her cell, let alone rip it from its hinges. Apart from picking the scabs under her broken nose till they bled, all she could do was sit and think. READ MORE

Half the World Extract – In The Shadows

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  ‘Do good,’ Brand’s mother said to him the day she died. ‘Stand in the light.’ He’d hardly understood what doing good meant at six years old. He wasn’t sure he was much closer at sixteen. Here he was, after all, wasting what should have been his proudest moment, still trying to puzzle out the good thing to do. READ MORE

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