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Australian Stories for Dad

Our home grown Australian stories tend to stick close to our hearts. Whether they be stories of sporting achievements or stories that embody our larrikin spirit (or anything in between) there's a sense of homeliness seeing an Aussie author's tale be put to page. For the patriotic dad, or the sporty dad, or the history buff dad, or even the dad who tells grade A dad jokes, we have an Australian story for him this Father's Day!   READ MORE

Have you met Truly Tan?

Have you read the Truly Tan adventures yet? It's a TANtastic investigation led by Australia’s favourite spy! She’s funny. She’s lively. And she has a cool head and a sharp eye. She’s your local child detective. Picking up on clues and recording every detail in her Secret Spy Files, no mystery remains unsolved with Tan on the case! READ MORE

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