Book Recommendations

If You Like, You’ll Love: Book Recommendations

November 11, 2017 Recommendations 0 Comments

Have you ever had that moment when you finish an AMAZING book, and have no idea what to read next? You feel like you'll never find a book that's this amazing ever again but never fear, book-loving friends, we have some amazing book recommendations for you based on some of the biggest books in the past few years! READ MORE

Pairings: Books and Cats

October 30, 2017 Recommendations 0 Comments

Books and cats go together like wine and cheese - whether they're lounging on a bookshelf, purring next to you as you read in bed or knocking over your TBR pile - they're a classic combo. Find your next purr-fect read based on your feline reading companion.  READ MORE

5 movies that inspired Lauren Child’s Ruby Redfort series

Last month, we had the pleasure of meeting award-winning author, Lauren Child, who was in town for Sydney Writers' Festival. Child is the brilliant mind behind the super-awesome teen detective series, Ruby Redfort, and while she was in our office she shared with us 5 movies to watch that inspired Ruby Redfort. ⚠️ Warning: please check each film's classification, as not all are suitable for children. READ MORE

Books to get you through a difficult Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is generally seen as a day of joy, a lovely opportunity to celebrate mothers everywhere, to show appreciation for all the big and small things they do for their families, everyday. For a lot of people, though, Mother's Day can be a painful reminder of someone they have lost, never knew or of a difficult childhood. We've curated this selection of stories that deal with the painful side of being a mother, being mothered or just losing someone you care deeply about. Because sometimes reading and storytelling are the greatest healers. READ MORE

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