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Books that travel the world

To travel the world is the dream. But to see all the famous hot spots and icons around the world from your comfy lounge room chair is a pretty great second best. If you need to sate the wanderlust of a future traveler we've put together a fun list of books that will have your child experiencing the sights of the Eiffel tower right through to a circus in Russia! READ MORE

Books for Historical Fiction Fans

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Stories set in another time and place can be like time travel. The exciting characters and foreign places can transport you and suck you right into a book's pages. It's also great to learn about important milestones that have shaped the world we live in today. We've picked 5 immersing kids historical fiction titles that you'll have trouble pulling your child away from.  READ MORE

Unleash the Giggle Monster with these Hilarious Books

There's something inherently funny about particular bodily functions that make a toot-ish sound. To kids especially, they're absolutely hilarious. But we're all big kids at heart! If you're being perfectly honest you've probably cracked a smile at a fart joke. There's a reason there's a multitude of fart jokes lingering and an array of Father's Day cards wafting through the stores plastered in fart humour. If you're ready to unleash all the laughter onto your little giggle monsters, give one of these a go! Or maybe gift one to Dad this Father's Day ... READ MORE

Books with a Touch of Magic

There's something about fantasy stories that invoke the child in us all. Between the magical lands and deep rooted friendships, they bring about a feeling of being able to achieve anything. A confidence we remember most strongly as a child. Here's a special list close to our hearts that we know will make perfect additions to your bookshelves at home. READ MORE

Have you met Truly Tan?

Have you read the Truly Tan adventures yet? It's a TANtastic investigation led by Australia’s favourite spy! She’s funny. She’s lively. And she has a cool head and a sharp eye. She’s your local child detective. Picking up on clues and recording every detail in her Secret Spy Files, no mystery remains unsolved with Tan on the case! READ MORE

Bake with two little peas named Pip and Pop

From award-winning author Gabrielle Tozer and illustrator Sue deGennaro comes Peas and Quiet, the perfect book about friendship and learning how to get along. Best friends Pip and Pop live in a peapod, but sometimes it can get a little too cosy - especially because they are so different! Pip loves to sing, while Pop won't stop snoring. How are they ever going to work out how to live together? Throughout this heart-warming picture book, we learn that Pip also loves to bake, especially pancakes! So why not share Pip's love of baking by making these scrumptiously yummy pancakes at home? READ MORE

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