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Books to share with new dads

Child reading with dad

Father's Day is a very special day on the calendar. We've selected a few beautiful, uplifting and inspiring stories to help you celebrate the wonder and complexity of fatherhood - you might be a new father yourself, or be helping a friend gain confidence in fatherhood, or you might even be a newly minted grandpa! However 'new fatherhood' applies to you, we hope you find something on this list to guide you or make you smile. READ MORE

2017 Award Winners

December 21, 2017 Announcements 0 Comments

A fantastic way to discover some fresh and upcoming authors is through literary awards. You know you're in for a good time when there's been plenty of commotion and chatter about a particular book. So, like a pair of overly proud, snap-happy parents at a graduation ceremony we're going to sing from the hilltops about our super talented 2017 award winning authors. Drumroll please... READ MORE

Books that travel the world

To travel the world is the dream. But to see all the famous hot spots and icons around the world from your comfy lounge room chair is a pretty great second best. If you need to sate the wanderlust of a future traveler we've put together a fun list of books that will have your child experiencing the sights of the Eiffel tower right through to a circus in Russia! READ MORE

Unleash the Giggle Monster with these Hilarious Books

There's something inherently funny about particular bodily functions that make a toot-ish sound. To kids especially, they're absolutely hilarious. But we're all big kids at heart! If you're being perfectly honest you've probably cracked a smile at a fart joke. There's a reason there's a multitude of fart jokes lingering and an array of Father's Day cards wafting through the stores plastered in fart humour. If you're ready to unleash all the laughter onto your little giggle monsters, give one of these a go! Or maybe gift one to Dad this Father's Day ... READ MORE