Nikki Gemmell

The Modern Classics

April 10, 2018 Recommendations 0 Comments

Contemporary authors are paving their way to becoming timeless classics — we're calling these the Modern Classics. How many times have you seen multiple people on public transport or reading on a park bench, the same few titles? We've curated a list of titles that hype is still very much in the air, years after their publication date. How many of the below have you read? READ MORE

Book Club Reads

June 15, 2017 Book Club 0 Comments

It's our favourite time again... Book club time! Is there anything better than getting together with your bookish buddies, a few bottles of wine and sharing your thoughts on a thought-provoking book? Once again, we've collected together all the best conversation-inducing titles to help you plan for your next Book Club gathering! READ MORE

Nikki Gemmell: A complicated love letter.

No one shapes us like our mothers do. For women no one, arguably, has a bigger impact on our lives. Yet Margaret Thatcher wrote that from the age of fifteen she had nothing more to say to her mother and this feels so cruelly true, for many daughters. From our teenage years onward we can look at our mothers askance, with judgement and admonishment; without enough curiosity about their own path in life. We’re focused on our own, singular velocity. READ MORE

Books to get you through a difficult Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is generally seen as a day of joy, a lovely opportunity to celebrate mothers everywhere, to show appreciation for all the big and small things they do for their families, everyday. For a lot of people, though, Mother's Day can be a painful reminder of someone they have lost, never knew or of a difficult childhood. We've curated this selection of stories that deal with the painful side of being a mother, being mothered or just losing someone you care deeply about. Because sometimes reading and storytelling are the greatest healers. READ MORE

Nikki Gemmell: How writing hauled me through the grief and into the light.

I write to understand, to detail with forensic honesty; whether that be a column, an article, fiction or a non-fiction. And that’s how I came to write my new book, After. It begins with the body of a beautiful woman, way past her prime, found slumped in her armchair in front of the telly. A crime scene has been declared; her death is unexplained. But this is not a thriller or a murder mystery, this is a memoir - and the woman is my mother. READ MORE