Books to share with busy mums

Sewing kit

Mums, grandmas and mother figures all over Australia are busy. Which is why, when thinking about the perfect gift, you should consider something that gives them their time back. There's always an opportunity to find a new hobby or indulge a special interest- whether it's learning how to apply mindfulness in everyday life, how to create the perfect cocktail for book club, or learning about different species. We hope you find the perfect match for your Mother's Day gift here. READ MORE

Bake with two little peas named Pip and Pop

From award-winning author Gabrielle Tozer and illustrator Sue deGennaro comes Peas and Quiet, the perfect book about friendship and learning how to get along. Best friends Pip and Pop live in a peapod, but sometimes it can get a little too cosy - especially because they are so different! Pip loves to sing, while Pop won't stop snoring. How are they ever going to work out how to live together? Throughout this heart-warming picture book, we learn that Pip also loves to bake, especially pancakes! So why not share Pip's love of baking by making these scrumptiously yummy pancakes at home? READ MORE

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