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The Friendship Cure by Kate Leaver

A compelling, fresh and thought-provoking exploration of friendship — what it is, how to keep it, and why we need it more than ever before.

The basic compulsion to make friends is in our DNA. We’ve evolved, chimp-like, to seek out connection with other human beings, yet we are stuck in the greatest loneliness epidemic of our time. It’s killing us, making us miserable and causing a public health crisis. But what if friendship is the solution, not the distraction? This is the question that journalist Kate Leaver explores in her witty, wise and informative new book, The Friendship Cure.

Scientists and psychologists around the world are discovering the curative qualities of friendship: It can help keep the brain active, which might help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s stronger than morphine. It improves our heart health. It makes us more productive. It triggers and trains our empathy. It sustains us through trauma. It has a stronger link to physical wellbeing than quitting smoking, obesity, or exercise. It can literally extend human life.

In this entertaining, smart book — an appealing blend of science, pop culture and memoir — Leaver meets scientists, speaks to old friends, finds extraordinary stories and uncovers research to look at what friendship is, how it feels, where it can survive, why we need it and what we can do to get the most from it — and how we might change the world if we value it properly.

Kate Leaver is a journalist who writes for The Guardian, The Independent, Red, Glamour, Pottermore and Vice. In Australia, she was features editor at Cosmopolitan Australia and senior editor at Mamamia. She has written for, the Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC, and has been interviewed by the BBC, ABC, Channel 10, Channel 9 and Triple J. She writes about mental health, pop culture, women’s rights, current affairs and lifestyle.

Kate is currently planning her second book, a podcast and a documentary. She is based in London and you can find her on Twitter at @kateileaver.




‘With this book about friendship, Kate Leaver gives you everything you’d want out of one: humour, warmth, encouragement and insight. I’m proud to call her my mate.’
— Benjamin Law, author of Gaysia and The Family Law

‘Witty, relatable, thought-provoking. If Jon Ronson and Marian Keyes morphed into one magic person and wrote a book, this book would be it.’
— Rosie Waterland, author of The Anti-Cool Girl and Every Lie I’ve Ever Told

‘Kate Leaver has written a beautiful book about something so specific and unchartered, yet so universal. Friendship can change your life – as could this book.’
— Dolly Alderton, author of Everything I Know About Love

‘A lovely, lively look at the importance of friendship as an antidote to loneliness.’
— Cathy Rentzenbrink, author of A Manual for Heartache and The Last Act of Love

‘A gorgeous book and a reminder of just how intense and special female friendship is.’
— Emma Gannon, author of CtrlAltDelete

‘A wide-ranging exploration of what friends mean to us – full of rich personal insights and common sense, accompanied by a good dose of science.’
— Robin Dunbar, author of How Many Friends Does One Person Need?

Author: Kate Leaver
Imprint: HarperCollins
Publication date: 19th March 2018
Format: Paperback; ISBN: 9781460754542
RRP: $29.99; E-book: Available

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March 12, 2018


The Friendship Cure by Kate Leaver


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