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KIRSTEN TRANTER’S ‘HOLD’ is a ‘walking dream of a novel’

Kirsten Tranter


‘I loved every gorgeous, spooky word of it, and was blown away by its poetry.

  An intimate, complex and gripping portrait of grief, it’s truly brilliant.’

Ceridwen Dovey, author of Only the Animals

Hold is an uncanny tale, in which Tranter uses the device of a secret room to create a compelling story of unresolved grief, in a structure so perfectly calibrated that it’s like being at the centre of an unfolding flower. Written with great delicacy and restraint, the novella is intensely evocative of Sydney and its disorienting subtropical strangeness.”  Amanda Lohrey


Three years ago, Shelley’s lover, Conrad, died in a surfing accident.  Still in a state of subdued grief, Shelley has just moved into an old Victorian terrace with David, her partner, trying for a new beginning. At home one morning, she discovers a concealed door to an intriguing room. A room that doesn’t appear anywhere on the house plans.  Inside there is simply a window, a fireplace and a beautiful chandelier.


When Shelley meets a man she sees as an uncanny double for Conrad the mysterious room begins to dominate her world, becoming a focus for her secret fantasies and fears, offering an escape which also threatens to become a trap.


A waking dream of a novel, HOLD is spellbinding, sensual and unsettling.




Kirsten’s first novel, THE LEGACY, was published to international critical acclaim in 2010.  It was selected as a Kirkus Reviews Best Debut Novel and was shortlisted for the ABIA Literary Fiction award, the ALS Gold Medal, the Indie Debut Fiction award, and longlisted for the Miles Franklin award. Her second novel, A COMMON LOSS, was released in 2012. Born and educated in Sydney Kirsten now lives in Berkeley California.


Title: HOLD

Author: Kirsten Tranter

Imprint: Fourth Estate Australia Fiction

Publication date: 1 March 2016

Paperback — ISBN: 9781460751657

rrp: $27.99; E-Book — AVAILABLE


February 15, 2016


KIRSTEN TRANTER’S ‘HOLD’ is a ‘walking dream of a novel’


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