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Media Release: Banjo by Grantlee Kieza


Grantlee Kieza

Balladeer, bushman, soldier, foreign correspondent — the epic tale of Australia’s greatest storyteller

In Grantlee Kieza’s landmark biography, we discover the real Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson. Australia’s most celebrated poet and storyteller helped define our national traits of loyalty, mateship and laconic humour, but he did so much more. A soldier in the Boer War and WWI, the balladeer bushman was also a solicitor, newspaper editor, columnist, war and foreign correspondent and ABC broadcaster.

Friends with luminaries of his time, including Rudyard Kipling, Winston Churchill, Field Marshal Haig, Breaker Morant and Henry Lawson, the tennis ace, notorious ladies’ man, brilliant jockey and celebrated polo player was an eye witness to many of the great moments in Australian 20th century history.

Extensively researched and written with Kieza’s trademark verve, Banjo is a rich and captivating portrait of our most celebrated poet and a truly great Australian.

Award-winning journalist Grantlee Kieza has held senior editorial positions at the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and the Courier-Mail. He is a Walkley Award finalist and the author of fourteen acclaimed books, including the recent bestsellers Bert Hinkler, Monash and Mrs Kelly. Grantlee lives in Brisbane.

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Banjo by Grantlee Kieza

22 October 2018, Imprint: ABC Books, Hardcover $39.99


November 9, 2018


Media Release: Banjo by Grantlee Kieza


Matthew Howard

0400 221 815

[email protected]