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MISSING, PRESUMED: a stunning crime thriller with a difference

Susie Steiner


“Susie Steiner’s second novel rises above more two-dimensional crime fiction by focusing on the little details that bring characters to life . . . Here’s hoping there’ll be more to come from DS Manon Bradshaw.”
– Guardian
“This is a book you read not just out of curiosity for ‘whodunnit?’ of ‘what happens next?’. It’s also a book which portrays both the best and worst of what it means to be human.”
– Devoted Eclectic


Missing, Presumed is a stunning crime thriller with a difference. Steiner marries the depth of character and observation of literary fiction with the pace and suspense of a crime novel, in a stunning work that shows what it is to solve, and what it is to endure. Right from the start you’re gripped by Steiner’s central character DS Manon – she’s not your average detective.
Is DS Manon our 21st century answer to Inspector Morse?
Steiner delves beyond the usual conventions of the genre to give her characters the kind of depth and complexity we’ve come to expect from some of the best literary fiction.
DS Manon Bradshaw is a single 39-year-old who listens to her police radio nightly to help her fall asleep. She’s sad, she’s lonely – she’s even somewhat of a misanthrope. But then she’s also incredibly quick-witted and intelligent with an incredibly dry sense of humour and an unwavering nerve. Throughout the course of the novel we track her several unsuccessful attempts to find a partner and we explore her strained relationship with her sister. And now, she’s faced with the most high-profile missing people investigation of her career.




Susie Steiner began her writing career as a news reporter first on local papers, then on the Evening Standard, the Daily Telegraph and The Times. In 2001 she joined the Guardian, where she worked as a commissioning editor for 11 years. Her first novel, Homecoming was published by Faber in 2013. Steiner lives in London with her husband and two children.


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February 15, 2016


MISSING, PRESUMED: a stunning crime thriller with a difference