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Tess Evans’ heart-warming new novel MERCY STREET

From the bestselling Australian author of Book of Lost Threads. You will fall hard for this heart-warming story about curmudgeonly George.


Mercy Street


Tess Evans

George is an elderly pensioner who, since his wife’s death three years ago, has narrowed his life so much that his only two friends are Redgum, a loyal mate, and his sister Shirl, who is always ‘popping in’ to check on him. His marriage to Penny was a happy one, despite the fact that though they desperately wanted them, they couldn’t have children. But the best of marriages can hold a secret, and George still feels the shame of one terrible day.

Into this dull and lonely existence comes Angie, a nineteen-year-old single mother who unexpectedly saves his life, leaving him with an obligation to her and her daughter. He takes this on with great reluctance at first, but gradually his life begins to blossom once more until Angie’s fecklessness sets him on the wrong side of the law. It takes all of his love and courage, and friends both old and new, to deal with this unexpected turn of events.

Tess Evans worked in the TAFE system for many years, chiefly in programs for unemployed where she met people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. She has fostered kids and now volunteers in a homeless shelter. Her many life experiences have led her to explore several strong social themes in MERCY STREET including unlikely heroes, men and childlessness, the changing shapes of families and friendships; age, loneliness and change; moral obligation; love and loss and to examine the generation who grew up before the social changes of the sixties.




Tess Evans’ first novel, the bestselling Book of Lost Threads (2010) was shortlisted for the Indie Awards 2011 and longlisted for the 2012 International Impac Dublin Literary Award. Her second novel, The Memory Tree, was published in 2012. She lives in Melbourne.


December 16, 2015


Tess Evans’ heart-warming new novel MERCY STREET


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