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  • Sometimes it is OK to judge books by their covers. 👀 Here's a sneak peek into the gorgeous endpapers and spines of @trentdaltonauthor’s First Fleet history, the biography of @johnathanthurstonacademy and Winx's rich and compelling story 👀
  • The perfect gift for the mischief maker in your house 🤫

@m_stanton’s Funny Kid series teaches young readers to love books through laughter!

#funny #books #kidsbooks #illustrated #character #pranks #reading #literacy
  • It's beginning to look a lot like ... Let @donnahay guide you through the trickiest part of Christmas. With more than 200 easy, delicious, reliable and totally fabulous Christmas recipes to make, enjoy and give over the festive season.

#christmas #cookbook #recipes #treats
  • The creator of children's classic, Animalia, is back with a fun new series. 
BUMBLEBUNNIES is @graemebase's fresh take on (somewhat unlikely) superheroes!

#childrensbooks #illustration #picturebook #animalia #bumblebunnnies #imagination
  • When the @goodreads review is this good, we let it speak for itself - 'This book is packed full of endless options and delicious recipes, and is a great reference to have in every kitchen. At times, I felt that there were too many recipes, and that perhaps Anna Jones should have saved some for her next cookbook. This is really, really good value!' @we_are_food #cookbook #recipe #vegetarian #healthy #quick #inspiring
  • COMPETITION TIME! We've got a particularly delicious giveaway for home cooks!

To celebrate the release of Anna Jones' newest cookbook A Modern Way to Cook, we're giving you everything you need to create these Salted Almond Butter Chocolate Bars.

For your chance to WIN, click the link in our bio. Good luck!
  • FOR: the foodie

Whether it's baked goods from @donna.hay, simple and filling Italian classics from @gennarocontaldo, or vegetarian treats from @we_are_food, there's a gift for every foodie in our Christmas gift guide.

Give the gift of good food (link in bio)

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