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  • This is a book for everyone who wants to understand our past - and cares about our future. Unfortunately, it's particularly timely.

Less than 100 years ago, losing a child to an infection like diphtheria or polio was a dreaded but almost inevitable sorrow faced by all parents, from the richest to the poorest. 
Today, these killer diseases are almost never seen in industrialised countries, thanks to the development of vaccines. Immunisation has given modern parents peace of mind their ancestors could not imagine.

Yet with the eradication in the first world of some of humanity's deadliest foes, complacency has set in. We forget the power of these diseases at our peril.
  • This is a memoir about a dysfunctional family, about a mother and her daughters. But make no mistake. This is like no mother-daughter relationship you know.

When Vicki Laveau-Harvie's elderly mother is hospitalised unexpectedly, Vicki and her sister travel to their parents' isolated ranch home in Alberta, Canada, to help their father. Estranged from their parents for many years, Vicki and her sister are horrified by what they discover on their arrival.

THE ERRATICS won the Finch Memoir Prize in 2018, and recently took out the gong for the 2019 @thestellaprize.
  • Over 200 recipes and 100 household tips from the @ruralweekly columnist and country mum Hayley Maudsley (@mysmokobreak). Hayley Maudsley is a rural mum, living and working on an isolated Queensland wheat property with her husband and three kids. While having a cuppa and a homemade slice during her 'smoko break' one day, thinking about what to cook for dinner, she turned to Facebook for some inspiration. 
What Hayley found was picture perfect, beautifully styled dishes using ingredients she had no access to. So she flipped the script and created her own community.
  • Brune's use of participants' diaries brings an immediacy to his story. The reader will be taken to the bloody interface of battle, hear the voices of some of the Australians involved, and gain a sense of the cost of ultimate victory.

OUR GREAT HEARTED MEN is a book for all Australians.
  • Rollicking, rude, brimful with joy, and written with a take-no-prisoners, bare-all honesty, this book is a call to arms.

A rousing, funny, straight-talking, inspirational and generally awesome book from social entrepreneur @thelucybloom, part memoir, part life-lessons, which urges us all to find our courage, take joy in life and celebrate our extraordinary ordinariness ...
  • Ah Hock is an ordinary, uneducated man born in a Malaysian fishing village. Like many, he remains trapped in a world of poorly paid jobs that just about allow him to keep his head above water but ultimately lead him to murder a migrant worker from Bangladesh.

Ah Hock's vivid and compelling description of the years building up to this appalling act of violence is a portrait of an outsider like no other, an anti-nostalgic view of human life and the ravages of hope.
  • Can true love ever die?

That's the question at the heart of the first novel in a beautiful, heartbreaking new saga from @paullinasimons, the international bestselling author of Tully and The Bronze Horseman.

The Tiger Catcher takes readers from the depths of despair to the dizzying heights of joy.

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