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  • You've likely read at least one Jane Austen novel. Chances are you've also read Jane Eyre; if you were an exceptionally moody teenager, you might have even read Wuthering Heights. English majors might add a couple of others to this list . . . but there the trail ends. 
Not Just Jane explores the creative contributions and personal stories of seven astonishing (yet mostly forgotten) women - Charlotte Turner Smith, Helen Maria Williams, Mary Robinson, Catherine Crowe, Sara Coleridge, Dinah Mulock Craik, and Mary Elizabeth Braddon.
  • We all know that ideas, emotions, and actions are communicable - from mirroring someone's posture to mimicking their speech patterns.

We are all driven by unconscious motivations triggered by our environment. But when just the right physiological, psychological, and social factors come together, we get what Lee Daniel Kravetz calls a "strange contagion" ...
  • You know @official_ceceliaahern's work. She's the author behind the classic modern romance, PS I Love You (the sequel to that has just come out, btw). But Cecilia's written so many delightful and heartwarming novels, it feels unfair to stop at one. How many have you read?

#ceciliaahern #psilove you #postscript #romance #romcom #bookstagram
  • 'A cracking thriller, with a marvellous, strong, flamboyant heroine. Loved it.' - Joanne Harris, award-winning author of Chocolat

Bestselling author @taramossauthor returns to crime fiction with a stunning new series, and a stunning new heroine. Meet PI Billie Walker - smart and sexy, with a dash of Mae West humour, she's a hard-boiled detective with a twist.
  • In 1995, journalist and author Roland Perry wrote to Sir Donald Bradman requesting an interview for a biography he was planning of the great cricketer. Surprisingly, the Don agreed. It was the start of a conversation that continued for years.

In Tea and Scotch with Bradman, Perry paints an intimate and revealing portrait of the man many regard as the greatest Australian cricketer of all time.
  • 'I imagined that my own life was simple and sweet, and sometimes it was, but there were odd things going around town. There were rumours. There were stories.' We love these covers for Joan Didion classics. Which of these picks have you read, or are hoping to read one day?

#bookstagram #tbr #tbrpile #joandidion #whitealbum #classic #writing #amwriting
  • If the excitement from the Season 3 trailer for @thecrownnetflix hasn't quite worn off, indulge yourself with Ma'am Darling. It's Princess Margaret at her sartorial best, and her bratty worst.

#thecrown #princessmargaret #bio #craigbrown #shortstories #tbr #tbrpile

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