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  • When we talk about being cozy, most of us think of a favorite sweater or a steaming cup of tea on a rainy day. 
But to #IsabelGillies, cosiness goes beyond mere objects. To be truly cosy, she argues, means learning to identify the innermost truth of yourself and carrying it into the world, no matter your environment.

This wise, necessary book is a call to action for each of us to seek out those often-missed opportunities to care for ourselves, and to begin living a more intimate and authentic life.

#cosy #cozy #hygge #littlebookofhygge #lifestyle #guidance #mindfulness #choice
  • Now to round out our list of fantastic titles on the @betterreadingau Top 100!

These uniquely Australian stories captured the imagination of thousands of Aussie readers 😍📖
  • But wait - there’s more! These absolute classics made their way onto the @betterreadingau Top 100 as well.

And the bonus is that @dervlamctiernan’s bestseller THE RÚIN is now out in a beautiful B format!
  • Some beloved Australian stories (new and old) on the @betterreadingau Top 100 😍

Have your favourite novels made the cut? (Swipe to see them all ➡️➡️)
  • More from this year’s @betterreadingau Top 100! (Swipe to see all ➡️) How many of Australia’s favourite books have you read, or are on your #TBR pile?
  • What a fantastic @betterreadingau Top 100! (Swipe to see all ➡️) Every year, Australian readers vote on their favourite books. We’re chuffed to see so many of our favourite stories on the list.
So let’s celebrate these wonderful novels & the incredible authors behind them!

Keep your eyes on our instagram to see which of your favourites made the list 🥳🥰🙌
  • What happens when you ask 150 high-powered thinkers to discuss their most telling missteps and reconsiderations? You get some brilliant, eye-opening, fascinating, sometimes shocking answers.

What Have You Changed Your Mind About features Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Alan Alda and many more.

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