Job Openings
Are there Employment Opportunities at HarperCollins Publishers Australia?

If you are interested in employment or internship opportunities at HarperCollins Publishers Australia, please email our Human Resources Department: [email protected]

All available positions will be advertised on www.seek.com.au.

How do I contact my favourite HarperCollins author?

The privacy of our authors and illustrators is very important to HarperCollins. In order to protect that privacy, we are not at liberty to release any contact details, including email addresses. However our readers are important to us too and we know that occasionally a reader just wants to say thanks or let an author know how their writing has touched their lives. In these cases we are happy to forward letters posted to us.

Please address your letter as follows and we will see that it is forwarded to your favourite author. We cannot however, take any responsibility for lost mail or lack of reply.

Author’s name (Author)
c/o HarperCollins Publicity
PO Box A565
Sydney NSW 1235

Will HarperCollinsPublishers consider my manuscript?

While HarperCollins considers material submitted by literary agents, we are not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time, but entries are currently open for the 2019 Banjo Prize!

HarperCollins publishes fiction (commercial, literary, science fiction and fantasy) and general nonfiction, including biography/autobiography, memoir, history, health/wellness, sport, politics, culture, lifestyle, cookery and humour.

I wish to make a corporate purchase of one of your titles. How can I do this?

For corporate sales of any of our titles please contact [email protected]